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Want to win the awesome scarf that Link wears in #HyruleWarriors and photo prints of me as Zelda from Hyrule Warriors?

Like, share and comment with the reason you’re excited to play the new #WiiU game. I will select 10 winners at random.

You have till midnight on Sunday 9/28 to participate. Good luck!


It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a cover hasn’t it!!

My friend requested this song from the game DMMD - the song that Clear sings in the first game ^^

Original tune by Goatbed

Icon art done by my friend Yuuhiko - more of her art can be found here:

zerochan ,weheartit or photobucket are never a source


also facebook.com or weibo.com … (and many..)

We have an internet. It’s not too hard to find a real source of artist’s work :)

I feel uncomfortable every time I see the post that link to a wrong source ,not only just my works but also other’s too.

Next of your post ..try to put a right source in the credit ,artists’re happy and everybody too because they can go to the real source to see the other arts

It’s win-win for us ! Let’s do it ! XD



My Jack “Femme” Frost genderbend cosplay - photos taken at Setsucon 2014, by Felix Wong Photography, and Arzosoth

Some of these photos were taken while I was attempting to film for a music video~

My friend’s amazing Jack “Femme” Frost genderbend cosplay!! We spent forever painting the frost and I’m really happy how it turned out!!

Happy White Day!!


Elsa is so cute. I mean that in that she’s attractive. Wanted to draw her dancing. Sketched, inked, and colored digitally.


A little late but here’s some Legend of Korra fan art. I love Korra she’s so damn cool. Digitally inked and colored.


Woo! got the license to sell my Pacific Rim cover! Please help me spread the word! (and consider supporting if you can!) :D

Listen/purchase: Pacific Rim - Main Theme (Acoustic cover) by Ice Requiem