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zerochan ,weheartit or photobucket are never a source


also facebook.com or weibo.com … (and many..)

We have an internet. It’s not too hard to find a real source of artist’s work :)

I feel uncomfortable every time I see the post that link to a wrong source ,not only just my works but also other’s too.

Next of your post ..try to put a right source in the credit ,artists’re happy and everybody too because they can go to the real source to see the other arts

It’s win-win for us ! Let’s do it ! XD



Animus-Rhythm Illustration is now holding our first free giveaways on tumblr!! 

AR Illustration is a small art studio that focuses on anime-styled creations, which include not only digital copies but also actual products. 

For more details, please visit our website: AR Illustration


1.      Reblog this post to enter.

2.      “Like” will not be qualified as an entry.


There will be THREE winners in total.  The winners will be announced on Animus-Rhythm Illustration’s Tumblr, Facebook, and Deviantart on May 9th, 2014. 

First Prize: 11”x17” Frozen Elsa High Quality Poster

Second Prize: Second Prize: BBC Sherlock: SH mini glass cup

Third Prize: Third Prize: Attack on Titan Pin set (contains 4 pins)


Event ends on May 8th, 2014.  Once the winners are announced on May 9th, we will contact them for their addresses.  Prizes will be processed and send out after 1 week. 


Good luck!


My Jack “Femme” Frost genderbend cosplay - photos taken at Setsucon 2014, by Felix Wong Photography, and Arzosoth

Some of these photos were taken while I was attempting to film for a music video~

My friend’s amazing Jack “Femme” Frost genderbend cosplay!! We spent forever painting the frost and I’m really happy how it turned out!!

Happy White Day!!


Elsa is so cute. I mean that in that she’s attractive. Wanted to draw her dancing. Sketched, inked, and colored digitally.


My “East” track is now available for purchase!! If you like what you hear, please consider supporting by following the link below! :) Thanks!! <3


A little late but here’s some Legend of Korra fan art. I love Korra she’s so damn cool. Digitally inked and colored.


New track! I added some violin to Dirk Maassen’s East open collab piano track~ :)

The original piano track posting can be found here: