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1hour. Going to bed now. Thank you Yuuhiko(Im so sorry I spelled your name wrong!) for letting me draw your OC! It was really fun to draw!! I might do this again haha

(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) OMG!!! YOU DREW ANDIRON!! Wahh, thank you so much!! It looks lovely!! I love it!!


Want to win the awesome scarf that Link wears in #HyruleWarriors and photo prints of me as Zelda from Hyrule Warriors?

Like, share and comment with the reason you’re excited to play the new #WiiU game. I will select 10 winners at random.

You have till midnight on Sunday 9/28 to participate. Good luck!


It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a cover hasn’t it!!

My friend requested this song from the game DMMD - the song that Clear sings in the first game ^^

Original tune by Goatbed

Icon art done by my friend Yuuhiko - more of her art can be found here:

zerochan ,weheartit or photobucket are never a source


also facebook.com or weibo.com … (and many..)

We have an internet. It’s not too hard to find a real source of artist’s work :)

I feel uncomfortable every time I see the post that link to a wrong source ,not only just my works but also other’s too.

Next of your post ..try to put a right source in the credit ,artists’re happy and everybody too because they can go to the real source to see the other arts

It’s win-win for us ! Let’s do it ! XD



My Jack “Femme” Frost genderbend cosplay - photos taken at Setsucon 2014, by Felix Wong Photography, and Arzosoth

Some of these photos were taken while I was attempting to film for a music video~

My friend’s amazing Jack “Femme” Frost genderbend cosplay!! We spent forever painting the frost and I’m really happy how it turned out!!

Happy White Day!!


Elsa is so cute. I mean that in that she’s attractive. Wanted to draw her dancing. Sketched, inked, and colored digitally.


A little late but here’s some Legend of Korra fan art. I love Korra she’s so damn cool. Digitally inked and colored.