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ion draws your OC/muse


a lot of users ask me to consider drawing their OC/muse from time to time and I’m very picky when it comes to this so I’ve decided to hold a small raffle for my friends and follows.

reblog this post with a reference of your OC or muse (preferably full body with colours) or a decent physical…

Either Sigi or Andiron. Your choice. C:



Haaaiii~~Sorry for not being active lately, been going through quite a lot at home, now it’s all sorted out, and I’m excited to say that I’m applying for this year’s winter Comiket again~~~

I’ve been really into Kancolle recently so haha here we go, hope we get in. New item I’m currently developing is series of Kancolle(艦これ)double sided full body pillows, soon to be available~There are more characters on the way, so please look out for my future post.

If we do get in to C87 then I will sell the R18 copy doujinshi online as well LOL

Another new item is the Free! keychains from Siruphial! If you are our next lucky winner you will be able to choose one of these keychain as your price, for those who’d like to pre-order, please check out the info here: http://kahira.tumblr.com/post/97119248481/siruphial-keychains

Pre-orders for the pillows are also OPEN. $50 no filling, $75 with. Please email me at kagen.hanakai @ gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing~

And now the raffle as usual! 


Starting now til 7/23 at 11:59pm, as long as you reblog this (or any of my later re-bumps), you will have a chance to win a prize! No follow necessary :D

I will select the winner by the end of 25th.

Once selected you will have the freedom to choose from ANY of the items from my store OR one Free! Keychain from Siruphial.

ps. please note that any Guilt Pleasure’s design will NOT be part of the prize.

Available prizes include (pick one):

  • 1 Mousepad
  • 2 Decals
  • 5 Buttons
  • 1 Iphone case
  • 1 Free! Keychain (shown in photo)

I’ll cover the shipping if you are living in the US, and I will give you a big discount on shipping if you live outside of the states.

Good luck to you all, and Thanks for reblog <3



It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a cover hasn’t it!!

My friend requested this song from the game DMMD - the song that Clear sings in the first game ^^

Original tune by Goatbed

Icon art done by my friend Yuuhiko - more of her art can be found here:

zerochan ,weheartit or photobucket are never a source


also facebook.com or weibo.com … (and many..)

We have an internet. It’s not too hard to find a real source of artist’s work :)

I feel uncomfortable every time I see the post that link to a wrong source ,not only just my works but also other’s too.

Next of your post ..try to put a right source in the credit ,artists’re happy and everybody too because they can go to the real source to see the other arts

It’s win-win for us ! Let’s do it ! XD



My Jack “Femme” Frost genderbend cosplay - photos taken at Setsucon 2014, by Felix Wong Photography, and Arzosoth

Some of these photos were taken while I was attempting to film for a music video~

My friend’s amazing Jack “Femme” Frost genderbend cosplay!! We spent forever painting the frost and I’m really happy how it turned out!!

Happy White Day!!


Elsa is so cute. I mean that in that she’s attractive. Wanted to draw her dancing. Sketched, inked, and colored digitally.


A little late but here’s some Legend of Korra fan art. I love Korra she’s so damn cool. Digitally inked and colored.