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Woo! got the license to sell my Pacific Rim cover! Please help me spread the word! (and consider supporting if you can!) :D

Listen/purchase: Pacific Rim - Main Theme (Acoustic cover) by Ice Requiem


The year-long hiatus is almost over!! FINALLY get to see what happens in season 3! *incoherent screaming* SooOOoooOOoo I’m celebrating with a little Sherlock medley~

The songs are all originally composed by David Arnold & Michael Price - they are, in order:
Sherlock’s composition (A Scandal in Belgravia)
Sherlock Theme song
Opening Titles

Icon art is done by my very talented friend Yuuhiko - you can find more of her artwork here:

Miru & Kaku: MeriKuri!!

Got the idea from when I was watching Steven Universe and saw Steven riding a jellyfish kiddie ride. I had to draw Clear riding a jellyfish kiddie ride after watching that scene.

Collaboration I did with my friend, Rachie. She drew the draft, and I did the lineart and coloring.

It’s been forever since my friend drew something, so I was very happy when she decided to draw something for the book of belief. Lolz, I had to bother her to draw something. //GETSKICKED// Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ

Anyway, she dabbles in music now, so please check out her music: https://soundcloud.com/ice-requiem


 a violin/piano cover of Splash Free (original song by Style Five), as requested by a fellow tumblrite! 

if you liked this, please check out my other covers :) 

my other related anime covers…

icon art was done by yuuhiko - check out her deviantart page for more cool art!


This is a piano/violin rendition of a classical Chinese song that I recorded for my granny’s birthday :) hope all will enjoy!

The icon art is a watercolor piece painted by my very talented grandma~ <3

Since it’s the anniversary of ROTG, here’s a drawing, drawn by William Joyce, of Jack Frost!! I won the drawing from the guardian of fun’s giveaway by having the most tickets. I still remember when I received the package. Lolz, I basically had a heart attack when I saw the drawing. Also, I wasn’t expecting the drawing to be so huge, and to get signed books by William Joyce and a ROTG bag!!  I thought I was just going to get a small drawing, but I ending up getting a huge package.  (*´▽`*)♡

Anyway, I’m super late in saying this, but thank you so much William Joyce and the guardian of fun!!