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The year-long hiatus is almost over!! FINALLY get to see what happens in season 3! *incoherent screaming* SooOOoooOOoo I’m celebrating with a little Sherlock medley~

The songs are all originally composed by David Arnold & Michael Price - they are, in order:
Sherlock’s composition (A Scandal in Belgravia)
Sherlock Theme song
Opening Titles

Icon art is done by my very talented friend Yuuhiko - you can find more of her artwork here:

Miru & Kaku: MeriKuri!!

Got the idea from when I was watching Steven Universe and saw Steven riding a jellyfish kiddie ride. I had to draw Clear riding a jellyfish kiddie ride after watching that scene.

Collaboration I did with my friend, Rachie. She drew the draft, and I did the lineart and coloring.

It’s been forever since my friend drew something, so I was very happy when she decided to draw something for the book of belief. Lolz, I had to bother her to draw something. //GETSKICKED// Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ

Anyway, she dabbles in music now, so please check out her music: https://soundcloud.com/ice-requiem


 a violin/piano cover of Splash Free (original song by Style Five), as requested by a fellow tumblrite! 

if you liked this, please check out my other covers :) 

my other related anime covers…

icon art was done by yuuhiko - check out her deviantart page for more cool art!


This is a piano/violin rendition of a classical Chinese song that I recorded for my granny’s birthday :) hope all will enjoy!

The icon art is a watercolor piece painted by my very talented grandma~ <3

Since it’s the anniversary of ROTG, here’s a drawing, drawn by William Joyce, of Jack Frost!! I won the drawing from the guardian of fun’s giveaway by having the most tickets. I still remember when I received the package. Lolz, I basically had a heart attack when I saw the drawing. Also, I wasn’t expecting the drawing to be so huge, and to get signed books by William Joyce and a ROTG bag!!  I thought I was just going to get a small drawing, but I ending up getting a huge package.  (*´▽`*)♡

Anyway, I’m super late in saying this, but thank you so much William Joyce and the guardian of fun!!


1 day left

um… maybe it’s more like two days… i miscounted somewhere

thank you to everyone that funded the kickstarter, thank you to everyone who couldn’t but wanted to, and thank you to everyone who told other people about it. It’s such a huge honor that you all have given us the opportunity to make new episodes to share with you!!

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ I’m so excited!!!! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧